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Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to identify and mitigate potential risks, as well as develop strategies to safeguard your assets against any unforeseen legal issues. Explore our list of services to see how we can help you protect what matters most.


Trusts are one component of a comprehensive asset protection strategy. They provide a way to manage and protect assets while also offering potential tax benefits. Trusts can be customized to fit an individual’s specific needs

Land Trusts

A land trust is an effective tool for protecting real estate assets. By transferring ownership of property into a trust, the owner maintains a level of anonymity and limit liability. This helps shield property from legal judgments, liens, and other financial risks.

Family LTD Partnership

A Family Limited Partnership (FLP) is a legal entity that is established to manage assets, such as real estate or business interests, within a family. It offers asset protection benefits by limiting liability exposure for family members.


Estate planning is a vital component of a comprehensive asset protection strategy as it ensures the seamless transfer of wealth and assets to intended beneficiaries while minimizing tax implications.


A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a popular legal structure that can provide significant benefits to business owners. One of the primary advantages is that it separates the business’s assets from the personal assets of the business owner.

Anonymity Protection

Creating anonymity is a critical component of a comprehensive asset protection strategy as it can help shield you from frivolous lawsuits, creditors, and other external threats by holding assets in an anonymous entity, such as an LLC or trust.

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What Clients Say

We are proud to have earned the trust and satisfaction of our clients. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience working with us.

They were very helpful when my wife and I set up a trust for our children. They are thorough, knowledgeable and provide complete explanations for all of the legalese. We really enjoyed our sessions with with the Team.

Phillip McFarland

Jason is an exceptional business attorney. His understanding of legal methodology is second to none and he has helped our business many time over the years, we’ve been pleased with all his work!

Brian DeAntonio

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